Our Tea Party candidates in the House have turned RINO and according to Eric Cantor are going to pass a BBA without any spending caps.  This is a slap in the face to all of us that voted these turncoats into office.  Fiscal responsibility does not mean spending and borrowing other people's money with no end in sight.  Start cutting now, and cut a few hundred Billion dollars every day until the 2012 election. 

Call your Congressperson today and tomorrow, or go to their field offices and demand a Balanced Budget Amendment that ends borrowed spending, ends unsustainable spending, pays off the national debt in 10 years, and has a cap of 18% that will be adjusted downward according to unemployment (currently 9% so that would be a cap of 9%).

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They are #1 out numbered and number 2 though the media will not tell the truth the new people and Ryan have passed 25 bills on the budget, jobs, spending cuts, including Cut,cap and balance but they are sitting in the senate gathering dust because Harry Reid will not allow a vote in them. They pulled the budget Amendment from it and dropped the caps to try and at least get a budget bill passed them if we can take control of all 3 branches we can do one for caps but we can do nothing if we can't even get a vote in the senate. If you want to do something then get the people working on contacting Fox and demand they tell the truth about the senate causing the gridlock.


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