Fellow Patriots,

You may have indicated an interest in helping in some capacity.

Americans for Prosperity will be holding National Days of Action every 3rd Saturdays. Saturday May 16th from 9am - 6pm we'll be hosting Call Banks.

Coloradans will be asked to participate in a very short one minute survey. People often express appreciation for its brevity.

Your help for two hours or more would be greatly appreciated. You may find great satisfaction in knowing you are part of a very worthwhile effort.

The system AFP uses is easy to learn, user friendly and dials numbers for us!  Working conditions are favorable! Best of all is meeting others who care as much as you about joining the battle to fight for the American Dream!

* See attached flyer and Event posting on the Main web page. The attachment is a pdf formatted flyer you may save and attach if/when you wish to invite a friend or send on this Call to Action request.


There are several locations where our AFP Call Banks are being held. Ours will be located at our Orchard Ave AFP office just east of I-25. A map is included on the flyer and on the Event posting.

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