Americans are still losing their LIBERTY to socialist liberals and to the fascist 'Big Government' progressives.

It is imperative that ‘Classical Conservatives’ identify themselves as such. The finger must be pointed. Let it be known that Progressive Liberals, Secular Socialists, and NeoConservatives are our enemy!  Libertarian-Conservative principles is what the new Platform of the Republican Party should profess to. If the old Republican guard can not be persuaded to adopt our Traditional Classical principles this year; we then need to begin ridding ourselves of these traitorous RINO's or we defect to and take over the Libertarian Party.

The huge number of God fearing 'Baby Boomers' who are left 10 years from now will probably care less to fight on, because we will be dead or preparing our souls for the 'hereafter', and enjoying what little time we have left. So . . . . Time is of the Essence!

Those Classical Conservative principles can be found at:

Kim R. Grice
Westminster, Colorado

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Still Relevant!

Research 'self governance' -  Group out of Tennessee, setting up self governance centers and classes.  Arizona has a center and I've take the Level I class (we 'summer in Colorado).  It is amazing, gives you the tools and skills to succeed when speaking in public or with politicians.  Five levels.  check it out!


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