* CONSERVATIVES - WE ARE LOSING * - Conference Call Thursday JAN 31


Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the bottom line truth. On issue after issue; Benghazi, 2nd Amendment, law being implemented via Executive Order & unelected Czars, advancement of the homosexual agenda, spending & deficits, on and on. The reason we're being beaten is b/c we don't have enough voices in our courts & legislature; the reason we don't have enough voices is b/c the conservative movement in this country has not successfully reached out to & brought in ethnic-minority voters (and the socialist/liberal movement has.) Pretty much that simple.
Rather than sit around pointing out the problems & complaining about it, we -the Rocky Mtn Black Conservatives- have a plan; and we're working hard on implementing it every single day. We are setting up & becoming the "American Conservatives of Color" & are trying to recruit a grassroots army to help take this plan to the streets. You don't have to be a minority, just have to be passionate about conservatism & the need to restore it in this great nation.

Tonight we are holding a free conference call for any & all who'd like more information on what getting involved looks like.

Tonight's call will be conducted by the President of our Denver Chapter, Casper Stockham, & the President of our Colorado Springs Chapter, David Dorty.

Conf. Call - 7:00pm MST

Dial-in # - 605-475-5950

Passcode - 685-4493


We're losing battles, but have not lost the war. Pulling this back will mean all of us who care have to sacrifice *something*. Will you sacrifice 45 minutes of your evening and learn about our plan to restore conservatism in this, the greatest nation the earth has ever known?


Casper Stockham - Denver Chapter President

American Conservatives of Color
720 257-9461

Because black & conservative are NOT mutually exclusive

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