Dave Adams has a brilliantly simple plan to help take back our state and country! Please hear him out and if you agree this should be promoted, please share it with ten other friends. - Denise Denny

Friends & Neighbors -

Because of its importance and timeliness, I wanted... to post this separately from the weekend newsletter. Please read the following recommendation for ALL CONSERVATIVES in Colorado. Unless you are lucky enough to have a fat wallet after so many economic debacles, this recommendation is for us average folk. Please read it carefully. I know I will be accused of being just like the Heritage Foundation, the RNC and any number of Washington entities. But think carefully how it is designed. Questions? Call me. But get it done!

$5 Campaign Project
Calling all Colorado Republicans, Libertarians and Unafilliated Voters!
PREMISE: If you are convinced another 4 years of Gov. Hickenlooper is truly dreadful...Please donate $5 (or more) to Bob Beauprez’s secure, on-line campaign fund. Time is short – only six (6) weeks to Mail-in Ballot drop. Campaign funds are best deployed before Ballot Drop so there is even less time.

Please use identifier code DougCo1 with your donation.

Ever heard the saying: “Many hands make light work”? There are 937,000 active Republicans in Colorado. Do the math!
Two years ago I proved that seemingly unexpected calls for a $1 donation NEVER HURT ANYONE. I think the same could be said about calling for $5 (about the cost of a McDonald’s Happy Meal).
  • Using the on-line website means – No postage, No envelope, No address questions
  • Using the on-line website means – Fast, Convenient, Cost Effective
  • Using the on-line website means – Individual donations to candidate, compliant with current Campaign Finance Law.
  • Each Donor should promote this plan to other conservatives.

Next week we will rotate donations to Cory Gardner, and so on down the list.
Once completed, we will recycle.

David E. Adams, M.D., M.S.
Precinct 342, District 28
Parker, CO

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