Dear Friends,
Though I was on vacation from my column last month, the news wasn’t.  There is much to comment on, but in today's column — Inconvenient Truths Denied By Climate Faithful -- I wrote about the persistent use of the word “denier” in referring to those who don’t possess fervent convictions about climate change.  
President Obama, John Kerry, the billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton all used it to mock those who disagree with them. Now President Obama is considering the unprecedented action of signing a climate change treaty without Senate ratification. I hope public disapproval of such a move would encourage him to Think Again.
The column is copied below, but I’m always grateful if readers click here to read it on the Aspen Times site, helping it “trend” for more people to see and read. I also look forward to your thoughts and hope you’ll share them publicly on the AT or anonymously on my website ThinkAgainUSA where I upload all my columns and have links I recommend.
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Melanie Sturm

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