Joy Overbeck calling for ACTION re TWO very dangerous treaties soon to be signed by Hillary and BHO!


TWO very dangerous treaties will soon be signed by Hillary and BHO --the UN Small Arms Treaty and the Law of the Sea Treaty -- both destroy our national sovereignty and hand our liberties over to committees at the lawless and U.S.-hating UN. Call our Senators (Senate must ratify treaties) and tell them you DON'T WANT our American Constitutional rights literally erased by international despots. Tell them they took an oath to uphold OUR Constitution, not global edicts.
Sen. Udal: 877-768-3255; Sen. Bennett: 1-202-224-5852
THEY MUST HEAR FROM US or these disasterous treaties wil be ratified. Do you want people like the new Muslim Brotherhood Prez of Egypt or the new socialist French Prez to decide who gets to keep America's oil revenues and whether or not you can own a gun? That's what these "treaties" do. 
Please call first thing Monday morning --
(You can just leave a message, don't have to talk to the Obamatrons)

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I already called last week but plan to call again tomorrow...Monday.


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