After the election all conservatives were stunned at the results.  Pundits the nation over came up with all sorts of reasons for why Romney lost.  While many of them have valid concepts, the numbers don't agree with their assessments.  The Hispanic vote, the women's vote, the Ron Paul vote...  When you compare similar demographics with past elections, the numbers simply didn't add up to the number of votes Romney fell short.

Then I came across this article.

The article piqued my interest.  I searched the internet for numbers on the election regarding the evangelical vote.  Here's what I found.

State              Obama          Romney        Short             Evan*    Difference     Elec Vot

Ohio             2,697,260      2,593,779      103,481      260,000      156,519           18
Iowa                816,429         727,928        88,501      140,000        51,499            6
Wisconsin    1,613,950      1,408,746      205,204      230,000         24,796           10
Florida          2,697,260      2,593,779      103,481      250,000       146,519           29
Virginia         1,905,528      1,789,618      115,910      170,000         54,090           13

* "Evan" refers to estimated registered voter evangelicals who did not vote.

Romney was 64 votes shy.  These states (that were thought to be leaning Romney in the days before the election) would have given him 76.  Since the evangelical numbers are only estimates from various sources, Wisconsin may not have been decided by the evangelicals.  But that still would have given Romney 66 out of the 64 he needed to win.  Couple this with nationwide polls stating that up to 18% of the voters would never vote for a Mormon.

For conservatives, this election was about two issues: The Economy and Obamacare. Advantage Romney.

For liberals, this election was about social issues: Gay Marriage and abortion.  Advantage Obama.

An additional cloud that hung over the campaign (but was rarely discussed) was that of religious freedom.  To liberals, Obama wins.  To conservatives, Romney SHOULD have won.

By this rubric, evangelicals should have been tripping over themselves voting for Romney.  But nope.

You can argue all the other issues all you want.  You can talk all other demographics you want.  But the simple fact is that the numbers don't add up.  These numbers do.  Given that, you figure out who to blame for the next four years.

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