The majority of the American people want nothing to do with Obamacare.

And yet the White House, the Congress, the Senate, and now the Supreme Court have all lined up against you – to either force Obamacare down your throat, or to stand by and let it happen.  It all has very little to do with your healthcare.  It DOES have a lot to do with giving the federal government unlimited power over our lives by taxing everything we do...or don't do.  Help reclaim your freedom and sign the petition now.


It's up to us now.


Only YOU can stop Obamacare now.


Exert your power as a sovereign American Citizen and make your voice heard.


Stop Obamacare now. Sign the petition now.

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I did. Thanks for this.

If no one signs up for Obamacare, it goes away.   Simple as that.  

Or, if it is allowed to stand, we will pay fines and taxed till we die.

I don't know if Washington reads petitions, they don't seem to notice the Polls, most of them do not seem to care what The People think.


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