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While everyone has been busy with family and friends in recent days, it seems that some regulations for Obamacare were posted for 30-day comment.  Today is one of those deadlines for two of the regulations.  Please take a look at the following announcement that was copied to me and make comments as indicated if you have time to read and comment on these.

Watch for other announcements.  Best wishes for all of your holidays!

Wilma Branstetter

with Arapahoe Tea Party Chairman's Committee

SLOW OBAMACARE -- ACT TODAY! (online alert)

THIS IS EASY. Just "copy and paste" our suggested comment four times.
FIRST DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 26 (Day after Christmas)
Act now on all four proposed rules so you don't forget during the holidays!
The Obama administration has given the public just 30 days over the holidays to read more than 700 pages of proposed Obamacare regulations -- the longest is 373 pages -- which unless you act will become law. They want to rush Obamacare into implementation through regulation. You can help slow it until repeal.
The Wall Street Journal says “many of the rules were approved in-house and ready to go as early as May.” But the Obama administration waited until the holidays to spring them on the public. They don’t want to give you time to find out what’s in the newly discovered $63/yr health insurance “head tax.”
This is the administration's second iteration of "we have to pass it so we can know what's in it." But on January 18, 2011, President Obama signed Executive Order 13563 saying comment periods "should generally be at least 60 days."  How quickly his administration forgets to follow their own rules! Please act today!

1. Go to the following four website links (urls) and make the following suggested comment on all four proposed rules. You can add more comments, but at least ask for the deadline extension. (If these links don't work for some reason, see #2)
"You have not given the American public sufficient time to read, digest or respond to this proposed rule as required by the federal Administrative Procedures Act. I request that you extend the comment deadline by 60 days."
2. If these links do not work for you, just put each title (under URLs above) in the search window at the top right corner and you will get a list of links including several "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" options. Find the title you searched for after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act leader and click on the blue "comment now" button.
Due to emails and phone calls from some of our supporters who got this alert in the weekly CCHF eNews  we've found that the links do not consistently work. One was completely changed. Is the administration playing with the website links?  No idea. That's why we added #2. You'll be able to search and find the proposed rules no matter what happens on the other end.

The administration must respond to all comments, but if the public provides no comments, or has no time to read and respond, the rules can be finalized with the full force and effect of law. Please act today! Ask your family and friends to do it too!
Twila Brase RN, PHN
Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
161 St. Anthony Ave, Ste. 923
Saint Paul, MN 55103

Visit Arapahoe Tea Party at:

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