Update re. Event posting 2016: Obama's America - "theaters near you"

2016: Obama's America: We posted only July27 nationwide release date, expecting we'd see it featured in many metro area theaters. Was disappointed to find no listings in metro area -  after signing up for notification from the film promoters, was informed if we can pre-sell 1000 tickets we may request a theater! 

Much interest is indicated so we think this is very possible with other groups helping to promote it. We were thinking Highlands Ranch AMC or Southlands. Both theaters have been accomodating in the past for special event showings - even facilitating DVD sales after screenings at the theater. We'll keep you posted as we learn more! 

Feel free to comment - indicate your theater preference, etc. We'd appreciate your input.

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'2016 Obama’s America' is currently showing in producer Gerald Molen’s home state of Montana and Houston-area theaters. Doug Sain, another producer, said distribution will expand to 300 theaters by Aug. 10 and 500 theaters by Aug. 17. We are hoping to see it in Denver metro area theaters soon!

Im sure we can sell 1000 tickets, when Kurt Cameron had his viewing of his movie back in the Spring, we saw it at Colorado Mills in one of their larger theaters and it was packed!! Just need to get the word out a few weeks before.
Please let me know and I can spread the word in the Arvada area


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