I am fairly new to Colorado.  Give me some help choosing where to place my vote for governor.  The articles that I find a so biased (both ways) that I don't feel like I am getting reliable info.

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Hickenlooper is too liberal, too indecisive and too much of a Progressive.  I was hoping someone else had won the Republican Primary, but it was Bob Beauprez.  Independents and Write-in Candidates usually do not have a chance of winning. Unless another Ronald Reagan steps up, I'll hold my nose and vote for Beauprez. for Colorado Governor

In the U.S. Senate race, Cory Gardener looks solid to me.  A good man, good Christian, good family man. He is being viciously attacked now by Mark Udall's campaign, mostly with lies and mischaracterizations of Cory's positions.  I'm hoping the Public can see through the lies.

Edward James

Aurora, CO 80014 



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