YOU are needed to Show Support for Truth at JeffCo School Board Meeting Thursday Oct 2nd!





As you may have seen in the news, Jefferson County School District is a topic of great contention. Teachers and children are protesting, but the real story is not being told by the main stream media. Our JeffCO kids are being used as pawns and are not being told the truth. Conservatives on the JeffCO school board are asking for a review of the AP U.S. History and believe me, you want them to review this framework. It’s revisionist at its worst. 


Below is Anita’s website that talks about the AP U.S. History. Please visit it so you know what’s going on in your schools:


Below is an article that will shed some light on what’s really going on in JeffCO.



Jefferson County School Board meets this coming Thursday, and we are asking that concerned citizens show up in support of Julie Williams, the conservative Board member who called for the review of the AP U.S. History and is now being blamed in the media as censoring curriculum. Please see Anita Stapleton’s request below:


From Anita Stapleton:

Calling ALL patriots and American loving citizens!


America, as we know it, is under attack! Not from terrorists from other countries, but from within our own state borders.


JeffCo classrooms are under attack by the JCEA (JeffCo CO Education Association). They have twisted a request for a review panel to look at the "new" Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) framework due to national pushback on the AP standards/curriculum. The new framework does what we have seen in Common Core English Literature - America's foundation is portrayed as a racist, oppressive, and an elitist thinking nation. Our Founding Fathers have been diminished to one question regarding George Washington (new test page 43), military battles have been omitted up to and including the Holocaust. The heroism and sacrifice of our veterans has been erased, however content is dedicated to the socialist, progressive, collective good. In summary, the teacher’s union has convinced students that the review of the history framework is related to censorship. They are exercising CONTROL over the minds of the students, which in turn is driving their civil disobedience (Hitler's Germany in action). The children should instead be protesting the psycho-social profiling and pressing for the ending of data collection through assessments, surveys, and inappropriate assignments!


PLEASE join us in this very PUBLIC reclaiming of America and it's classrooms!!! Support Julie Williams and her boldness to stand like a pillar against the tyrannical tactics of the Union and any others who are undermining OUR AMERICAN CULTURE! I will be there at 3:30pm with signs and T shirts for you,  Please feel free to make your own signs or T-shirts if you prefer. We are wearing WHITE with red and blue print as a sign of PATRIOTISM!!!(the union is blue) we will have "I support Julie” on one side and "Save America - No to New APUSH!" on other side. If you RSVP to me I can have one for you.No inappropriate phrases on signs or T-Shirts please.


If you are a JeffCo resident, sign up to speak via board website. We need people to speak on WHY America is worth saving and please voice support for Julie!It is first come, first IN so don't be late. I recommend arriving at 4:30PM at the latest.Our opposition will be hostile and they have been trained to provoke, so leave tempers at home. We NEED numbers. They will be out in full force. Call for any details or questions. We will be there to exercise our duty and authority to self govern!


DATE: Thursday 10/2/14

TIME: 4:30pm is recommended. Meeting starts at 6PM (recommend you bring something to snack on for dinner)

PLACE: Jeffco Public Schools


1829 Denver West Drive #27

Golden, Colorado 80401

JeffCO Schools: 303-982-6500 


Contact Anita Stapleton: 719 432-7181



Remember that Common Core State Standards are unconstitutional and illegal and you as parents have rights that are not being exercised. 


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