As TPPD moves forward from the elections of 2010, our focus for 2011 will be REPEAL & REINSTATE. We are preparing programs for Public Education, Accountable Representatives, Political Issues & Policy, Membership & Media, Events & Fund Raising, Technology & Web, Paul Revere, and Unite Colorado.

Public Education program
will educate and enlighten our supporters as well as the public in matters of the original intent and principles of State and U.S. Constitutions through meetings, media and events
Accountable Representative program will keep a close eye on our elected officials to keep their actions and votes in the light of day.
Political Issues & Policy program will be preparing legislation to REINSTATE our City, State and U.S. Constitution and lobbying to  REPEAL legislation that does not have a constitutional basis.
Membership & Media program will be used to increase membership in the TPPD movement through the media as well as exposing representatives, educating the public on the constitution and keeping our supporters and the public politically aware.
Events & Fund Raising program will be a valuable asset to raise awareness on issues through TPPD events. Fund Raising programs are needed to accomplish this enormous effort for 2011 and beyond.
Technology & Web program will be used to keep our supporters and the public informed and in communications with other supporters.It will also be a venue for issues, policy, events, fund raising, accountability of officials and much more.
Paul Revere program is designed to alert supporters of volunteer needs for ALL of our programs.
Unite Colorado program is designed to work with all Tea Party and liberty groups to promote communications and co-operation on state and national issues and events.

As we proceed forward we must always keep in mind the dedication of our Founding Fathers and remind ourselves 
of the risk of not acting and the reward of returning our country back to it's roots for our children and grandchildren.

GOD Bless America,

Mike Short
President/ Organizer
Tea Party Patriots Denver

Last updated by Michael Short Jan 19, 2011.

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