HealthCare Opportunity and Patient Empowerment Act!

First I would like to thank "Liberty Watch" for the information provided below and their fine work. This is the bill we need to support. This is the bill we need to let our representatives and senators know that we want. We don't need cram downs from the federal government. We are capable of handling this on a State level.

This is set to go before the Health and Environment committee on March 17th at 1:30 in the Legislative services building on the south side of the Capitol building in room "A". Please attend to show support as those in favor of federal takeover of healthcare will most likely pack the room!  We will have our lobbyist there to testify before the committee in favor of the bill. Please email or call the Health and Environment committee members:Representative Acree (Chair), Bradford (Vice Chair), Brown, Fields, Joshi, Kefalas, Kerr, J., Massey, McCann, Peniston, Riesberg, Schafer, S.. If you do not have the email or phone numbers use the resource library under recommended links to find them and simply copy and paste their email address into your email. you will also find phone numbers there as well. If you have any trouble please give us a call at the office or at my cell phone at 970-261-6012.

I know this is the second time today I have asked for you to do this. I want to let you know I do not do this just to see if you will. This is an important issue to us all. We fought the issue at the capitol steps in Washington D.C. and we are now fighting it here on the steps of the State Capitol. Let our voices be heard loud and clear. We have their attention now. The elected officials know we are a force to be reckoned with.We need the numbers to show them their fears are not misplaced. Send the emails and phone calls FOR THIS BILL!

Cut and paste the talking points and then add your your name, district and how you fell about the bill.


Patriots Together,

Mike Short

TPPD Organizer

Office 303-996-8877/ Cell 970-261-6012



HB11-1273 HOPE Act (Health Care Opportunity Patient Empower) Sponsors: House Nikkel-R & Stephens-R, Senate: Kopp-R
Health & Environment Committee 1:30pm LSB-A
Recommendation: Strongly Support If possible please attend to show support as those in favor of federal takeover of healthcare will most likely pack the room! 
Bill Summary:
Bill establishes a clear separation of powers between federal and State authorities. It is the purview of the States to regulate insurance; not the federal government. States may enter into compacts under ARTICLE I, SECTION 10 of the United State Constitution and as upheld by the US Supreme Court. Regulation of health care insurance is the clear authority of the state. This bill reestablishes Colorado’s right to do so and rebukes the federal government for over stepping its authority. This is a States rights issue. The bill gives the state the ability to manage with flexibility the health care requirements of its citizens more efficiently and much more cheaply. Compacts encourage free market competition. While the ideal is to have government out of health care and put the responsibility on the individual, the interstate compacts provide a means to make current programs managed by the state more efficient and within the direct control of the state voters; not Washington.  Specific talking points:

  • Former Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) recently worked with the Heritage Foundation to outline a solution that promotes individual freedom in health care markets: interstate commerce contracts among states.
  • Interstate commerce for health insurers would create robust competition, lowering costs for the citizens of the allied states. It is a step towards reform that states can take without action from Washington. As per Rep. Feeney remarks: “The genius of the American federal system provides a natural set of diverse alternatives to centralized system of planning—which would force 300 million Americans into a collectivist straight jacket where all key decisions will ultimately be made in Washington.”
  • Interstate contracts are health insurance exchanges across states that create larger insurance markets and enhance competition among insurers.
  • By allowing citizens of other states to purchase cost-effective plans across state borders, they promote individual freedom to choose among competing plans that offer the best combination of cost and coverage levels.
  • Done correctly, interstate commerce will reduce bureaucracy, provide simplified one-stop shopping, allow people to get better and more varied health coverage
  • It is important to note that states legislators are currently fully within their constitutional rights to make interstate compacts in the insurance markets
  • Interstate compacts in health insurance markets expand options outside their jurisdiction. In health insurance markets, states are the supreme authority.
  • Health care debate can serve as a catalyst for the rebirth of federalism, and no area is more advantageous for state reform than health care.
  • States governments and the American people have already voiced their complaints about the perils of the federal health care legislation. It is now time for state legislators to take the lead on healthcare reform.  

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