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Dear Colorado Patriots,


Last November, Tea Party Patriots members across the nation enthusiastically decided to support the Health Care Compact effort, in order to take power back from the federal government, and to make our own health care decisions.


We are writing to you today with an urgent message about the status of the Health Care Compact (HCC) in Colorado. We need your help to get HB 1273 out of committee next week! To get more involved, please contact Michael Short at




The Health Care Compact is essentially a contract between states that allows each state to opt out of any or all-federal regulation over health care - including opting out of Obamacare. The Health Care Compact empowers citizens of each state to have an actual say in the health care system of that state! If Colorado passes the Health Care Compact, Coloradoans make the decisions, not Washington DC bureaucrats.


Find out more about the Health Care Compact by clicking here! 


This is especially important now that Obamacare has become law. In fact, just this week President Obama said that he wants to hand over even more power to the Independent Physician Advisory Board (IPAB) to make decisions about how much medical procedures should cost and what should be covered. This board is made up of 15 people that the President gets to appoint, with no accountability or safeguards for we the people. So not only does President Obama want your health care decisions made in Washington DC, he wants them made by 15 people that he controls.


This week, Georgia became the first state to pass the compact and sign it into law. It has passed the House in Texas, and Missouri; it has passed the Senate in Montana, and has been introduced in about six other states. Compacts are constitutionally sound, and were left to us by our Founders, as a method for the people to reassert their will against an overreaching federal government.


Find out how Tea Party Patriots supports the HCC by clicking here! 


In Colorado, we have Tea Party Patriots members working hard to get the Health Care Compact passed. And of course, special interests that have vested interests in seeing Obamacare become the law of the land are already attacking us in other states, trying to kill our efforts. We already have a bill, HB 1273, and we need to get it out of the House Health & Environment Committee next Tuesday!


Below, you can TAKE ACTION by calling and emailing the committee members, and if you are interested in becoming more involved in this effort, please contact Michael Short at




Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler

Please Act Now:



HB 1273 is currently being considered in the State House. It will come up for a vote in the House Health & Environment Committee, Tuesday, April 26th at 1:30 pm. Please take action before Tuesday!


Committee Members

Ken Summers - 303-866-2927


Cindy Acree - 303-866-2944


Laura Bradford - 303-866-2583


J. Paul Brown - 303-866-2914


Rhonda Fields - 303-866-3911


Janak Joshi - 303-866-2937


John Kefalas - 303-866-4569


Jim Kerr - 303-866-2939


Tom Massey - 303-866-2747


Beth McCann - 303-866-2959


Cherylin Peniston - 303-866-2843


Jim Riesberg - 303-866-2929


Sue Schafer - 303-866-5522


For easy copy and paste emailing:,,,,,,,,,,,,



Your message:

There is nothing more personal than health care decisions. HB 1273 empowers Colorado to make the policy decisions, rather than allowing federal bureaucrats in Washington, DC to dictate health care policies. Vote yes to pass HB 1273 out of committee so that we Coloradoans have the power to decide for ourselves when it comes to health care.

Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,

Debbie Dooley, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, and Dawn Wildman

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TPP Support phone number: 404-593-0877  
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