Liberty Groups Won a Battle today

With the Help of Liberty Watch 912, Tea Party Patriots, other Liberty groups and our lobbying efforts in the Capitol the Liberty movement was able to defeat HB 1255 "The Alternative Energy Parks Bill". This bill did not defend free markets or limited government. While this may seem like a small victory to some it is a sign that we are making an impact and that our voices are becoming louder in the ears of the legislators. This also means we must press even harder to continue the march to bring our state and nation back to the freedoms that we use to enjoy for our children and our grandchildren. Let's be hearten by this and strengthen as we move forward. Thank you for all your help and your continued support both in your volunteer efforts as well as your financial contribution to keep moving forward.


Mike Short

TPPD Organizer

Office 303-996-8877

Last updated by Michael Short May 4, 2011.

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