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Waivers to Participation in Federal "Health Care" Law

Following is a link to the Health and Human Services (HHS) site where those organizations which have been approved for waivers are listed. At the time of this posting, there are 730+ approved waivers. The list is broken into two classifications: organizations which have made application directly for waiver; and, organizations which have waiver approval for policies in particular States. The list of direct application appears to be in order of date of approval, with the most recent listed…


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TPPD Legistaive Watch

25 January 2011

Lisa G Spear


I went to the State Capitol for the afternoon (1:30 – 3:15). Both houses had adjourned for the day, so I sat in on two committee meetings. I selected the committees to attend based on which ones my own representatives sit. I will likely continue that selection criteria unless TPPD requests specific  committees to watch, or unless the committees on which my representatives sit are not…


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Losing Our Rights

Most of us recognize that the bigger our government grows, the more our Rights are being taken from us.

"Freedom of Speech" -- "Political Correctness" was first used by communists to control the speech of the masses. Recent calls for "civility in our discourse", are really calls for us to, "Shut Up!"  

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws further restrict the speech of the public. Much of the law prohibits offending people by their defined class. If you…


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Tea Party Patriots Denver and Broomfield Join to Combat Broomfield City Council Sustainability Plan

TPPD has received a call to arms to combat an over reach of the Broomfield City Council. Again we are faced with Government reaching further and further into our pockets and our lives all in the so called interest of mankind. But let us never forget that as we have laerned in the past that the ISSUE IS NEVER THE ISSUE! the issue is always POWER and CONTROL. please read the email and the attached files that we received from the Broomfield 9/12 and let's get behind this effort with emails and…


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Learn more about the Citizen's Budget on Rosen this Friday Morning

The Independence Institute is seeking opportunities to explain our massive project, the Citizen's Budget.  To find out more, tune into Mike Rosen's show at 9:00 am on KOA 850 AM tomorrow, Friday.
Rosen is concerned that something as dry & academic as the State's budget problems & solutions will not make good radio.  Listen tomorrow to find out how…

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2011 Denver Mayor Election: Charlie Brown's Great Candidate Questions

In this column, linked from City Councilman Charlie Brown's (I) web page, the Councilman suggests excellent questions that voters should pose to all candidates for Denver mayor. What makes these 18+ questions so useful is that Councilman Brown offers a brief explanation as to why the issue addressed is important to Denver. 

Please use this tool when considering your vote in May 2011.…


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RTD board hears three tax options to complete FasTracks

Posted: 01/12/2011 01:00:00 AM MST
Updated: 01/12/2011 01:05:38 AM MST

RTD officials presented three scenarios Tuesday night for finishing the…

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Is this Constitutionally Limited Government That wants to limit petition by the people or their groups

Lawmakers may consider raising bar to amend constitution

The Denver Post


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The State Faces a 1 billion dollar short fall in it's budget. It's not a revenue problem it's a SPENDING PROBLEM. TPPD supports the Citizen's Budget!

The Citizen's Budget will be used tomorrow to provide specific ideas to close the looming budget…


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