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I just wanted to announce to everyone that:

My blog, "From the Left to the Right" - at - http://fromthelefttotheright.blogspot.com/

- now contains links which point to 2 new blogs (for me) -

Gotta B Right  - at -  http://gottabright.wordpress.com/  and…


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Happy Birthday, President Washington!

Many have argued, since the consolidation of Lincoln and Washington's birthdays into one amorphous holiday for government employees, that while removing special recognition of the "Indispensable Man" and "Honest Abe", we have also provided recognition for some who did more harm than good to the country. I'll go that one further. We have demoted our two saints of the American Experiment. It was one more nail in the coffin of Americans' connection with the Founding and with their presidential…


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Published on TheHill.com on February 14, 2012

President Obama, faced with no recovery from the recession as he enters an election year, has come up with a handy political gimmick: Fake the statistics.

The economic data that portend recovery are totally and completely inventions of Obama's political operation. The reality is that no recovery is taking place!

Economist James Fitzgibbon, of the Highlander Fund, explains how cooked the economic…


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The Assault on the Constitution Continues

I really appreciate the daily short items produced by the Heritage Foundation. The analysis is concise, and gives the reader a quick and succinct overview of the issue at hand. This week, one of the daily posts addresses the kerfuffle over the attack on the religious freedom, with the Catholic Church being the biggest, but by no means the only, target.

My take on this: the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) finally woke up and realized that they have been played for…


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Romney at CPAC 2012

Full speech

Romney at 2012 CPAC, via ABC News

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Santorum at CPAC 2012

Full speech

Santorum at 2012 CPAC, via ABC News

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Gingrich at CPAC February 2012

Full Speech:

Gingrich at 2012 CPAC, via ABC News

Courtesy: The Hill

Gingrich at CPAC 2012

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Still Waiting for a Federal Budget, But Focussing on the Process While We Wait

This brief from the Heritage Foundation is just something to give you encouragement that Congress may finally be responding, however slightly, to the efforts of grassroot groups like the Tea Party and others. I think we need to look for the good where we can find it these days. And we should be able to agree that the budget process in Washington needs to be revamped. Perhaps it is a good thing if it is done in a series of connected bills, instead of on humongous one. (We certainly have had…


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Climate Change - Political Science or Science Fiction?

Dr. Keen's presentation will help our audience to better understand the hoax being perpetrated on the American public by the left and their environmentalist interests - it is a subject of great importance as the potential for negative impact on our economy and culture is significant.  While many of the public now reject this fraud those who desire a full blown cap and trade system in the US will continue to beat the drum claiming it is settled science.


I doubt that most of…


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Endorsements: Love 'Em and Hate 'Em - Post Endorses Romney

A friend drew my attention to the fact that today, 3 February 2012, the Denver post endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for candidate for president.

Editorial Endorsement: Romney right for Colo. Republicans, Denver Post 3 February 2012

There is a lot that gives me pause with this, most importantly, the blatant leftist leaning of the editorial board. Then, there is the fact that the…


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