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An interesting interview with Rep Allen West

Not an endorsement. Just a little encouragement that there are voices for Constitutionally limited government in Washington. Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness. I assume there are others like me, and it would be helpful for them to hear these types of interviews.

Beck interviews Rep Allen West


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Etiquette of Comments to Blog Post

Now, before you get excited, I am NOT saying that any of my blog posts have had "untoward" commentary added. Nor have any blog posts that I have seen on TPPD. I am just sharing this here because this is where I blog and comment, and think the suggestions made in this post are good ones. Perhaps if you blog/comment on other sites, you can share this article around there, too. We've shown great good humor in our comments; let's keep up the good work!…


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Rand Paul speaks for freedom of choice

You'll not hear it said any better!
Treat yourself to this YouTube video.


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Two "Health Care" Bills, Two Distinct Paths SB200 and HB1273

I had been preparing to write two separate blog entries, one on HB11-1273, and one SB11-0200.  It dawned on me, hopefully not too late, that, when examined side-by-side, the two bills provide a clear view of two very different philosophies of government.  Which one you choose to support, which one you choose contact your representatives about, really depends on your view of what government should be doing, and what it should not be doing.


What is the Goal:…


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Legislature Provides Cover for Xcel Energy

"Xcel Energy enjoys great success at the state Capitol. It seems that whatever Xcel wants legislatively, Xcel gets. Relief for ratepayers is met with opposition......."    http://energy.i2i.org/2011/04/12/legislature-provides-cover-for-xcel-energy/

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Obamacare 'slush fund' - another reason for repeal

Patriots, be aware! Here is more evidence why we're unable to trust media to be fair and balanced! This Matthew Boyle article was brought to my attention,  thanks to fellow Parker Patriot BH.
Go to this direct link

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John Ransom -" Tea Party Brokers Budget While Obama Retreats"

"While some folks decry the 2010 budget deal as too little, too late, don’t count me as one of them. Substantive spending reform can only happen if conservatives win the Senate or the White House in 2012....."http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2011/04/11/tea_party_brokers_budget_while_obama_retreats/page/full/

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CFR and the Tea Party

Walter Russell Mead is concerned about the Tea Party.  He is about seven rings out from the inner decision making works of the CFR.  In other words, he is a useful idiot.  I am happy that he is concerned.   The CFR has another deeper concern of the Tea Party that it refuses to mention.  That is the dedication to individual sovereignty.  Globalists and one-world government supporters know that individual sovereignty of the People and the sovereignty of each of our two government system is… Continue

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Impressions on the Bennet/Udall Debt & Deficit Forum

On Friday, 8 April 2011, US Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet (CO) sponsored a Debt and Deficit Forum in Denver (held in a conference room of the UCD Lawrence Center). Although they both originally planned on being there in person, the situation with funding the government and finalizing the 2010/11 budget necessitated that they remain in D.C. In their stead, (former) US Senator Gary Hart acted as host.  The key participants on the panel at the forum were (former) US Senator Alan…


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Great Quotes

Please feel free to add your great quotes.


Never spend your money before you have it.

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Just when you thought the Fast Tracks tax increase question was put to bed for this year, here comes RTD with yet another attempt to revive it.  RTD is taking a simple; and yet very unscientific one question poll.  The poll has three possible options.  Basically paraphrasing, they are 1) Do you support a tax increase in 2011 2) Would you support a tax increase at some point in the future which would increase the overall cost of the project, and delay the completion date, or 3) No tax…


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CO Health Exchange May Be on Life Support

Below is a link to a Denver Business Journal on line article concerning developments with SB200, which would establish a board to create a Colorado "health benefit" exchange linked to the 2010 federal health care law. An eleventh-hour amendment was offered by Sen Shawn Mitchell which would essentially function as a poison-pill. The amendment would require Gov Hickenlooper to seek a waiver from the federal law in order for the State exchanges to take effect.

It would be helpful to…


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Glad to be here

I was glad to meet so many at the capitol on April  1 and later at Denver headquarters.  It was great to learn a few things about lobbying on the first day and to attend  the rather freeform dinner and  meeting later. 

A possible committee was mentioned there.   It's purpose as I understood it would be to form a statement of principle and/or goals for our group.  I  would suggest that we support the Constitution as written and intended by the founders is something we probably all can…


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