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Debt Limit Vote Taken In House. The People 318 - Bigger Government 97 !

In the U.S. House of Representatives today the effort to raise the Debt Limit took a beating by the People! Both Republicans and Democrats voted against raising the Debt Limit. This can only be considered a victory by the people. We can only hope our voices have carried over to the U.S. Senate. If you have not called Mark Udall or Michael Bennet call them NOW and let them know you do not support a raise in the debt limit. We must live within our means the government needs to learn how.…


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On taking a stand - demonstrated by our intern

Thomas Jefferson: "One man with courage is a majority"

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Internship experience at Tea Party Patriots for Denver

Ashton Collins Internship Experience


Interning for the Tea Party Patriots, even for just ten days while General Assembly is out of session, has truly broadened my knowledge of lobbying and the state legislation process.  I came into this internship with a sound knowledge of the federal legislative system and a general idea of what lobbyists do during session.  Over the past ten days, I have come to learn what it means to truly lobby before, during, and after session. …


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Tea Party Patriots Legislative Action for 2011 Colorado General Assembly Session

The focus of Tea Party Patriot lobbyists for this past General Assembly session was to support bills which limited government, showed fiscal responsibility, and supported free markets.  We opposed bills which attempted to expand government, limit free markets, and ignored fiscal responsibility.  With the limited amount of lobbyists the Tea Party Patriots had to work at the Capitol and with the overwhelming number of bills on schedule in this last session, these are the bills upon which the…


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Tax Rates and Tax Revenue Not Synonymous

Thomas Sowell makes two very good points that every conservative that embraces (and is an apologist for) fiscal responsibility and limited government should have ready. In his column "Slaves to Words" (17 May 2011, linked below), Sowell clearly articulates two basic economic realities.

1. " rates-- whatever they are-- are just words on paper. Only the hard cash that comes in can cover government…


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Colorado Redistricting SCOOP~

Colorado GOP Chair Ryan Call announced today at the Cherry Creek Republican Women's lunch that the State Republican Party ( with specific plaintiffs) has fired an anticipatory salvo in the redistricting battle. A suit was filed in Denver, naming Secretary of State Scott Gessler as the primary defendant, which purpose is to keep a redistricting map that uses "competitive districts" as a criteria (making "communities of interest" a subordinate criteria) from being implemented.

As you…


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The Art of Rhetoric - A Blog-based Seminar

I came across this series of blog posts that are (I think) an EXCELLENT self-paced mini-seminar on classical rhetoric, rhetorical technique, and clinic on speaking. Of these five components, I find MEMORY my weakest point.

I'm all about home-schooling when it comes to this type of self-improvement, and thought others may be interested in this as well. We certainly will have plenty of opportunities to practice in the coming months and years. So, if you would find this helpful, bookmark…


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Hillsdale College Seminar: "Economic Liberty and the Constitution"

Below is a link to three segments of this seminar, presented on 16 April 2011. The speakers and their topics were

Rep Mike Pence: "Choosing Liberty" (Welcome and Introduction to the seminar);

Dr Paul Moreno: "How Our Economic Liberty Has Been Diminished";

Dr Larry P Arnn: " How Our Economic Liberty Can Be Restored".

All three of these segments are well presented and chock-full of tremendous information. Thought-provoking and enlightening, they are a primer on…


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K.T. McFarland on International Challenges

The link below allows you to view the video of K.T.McFarland addressing the 2011 Leadership Program of the Rockies annual retreat in Colorado Springs. I was hesitant to play this (56 minute) video because my only experience with Miss McFarland has been in her appearances on Fox News. In those segments she often tries my patience. However, I have been forced to reevaluate my position after listening to this speech. It is quite in depth, and maybe even a seminar in US foreign relations in…


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