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Media Matters illegally operating using taxpayer money‏

Media Matters, a tax exempt 501(c)(3), is running a taxpayer-funded attack campaign against Fox News and media bootcamps for the left/Democrat Party to attack the Republican Party and the Tea Party.  They are funded also by George Soros.  They should be shut down and their tax exempt status removed as they are operating illegally against their charter of the tax exempt status - geez, what a surprise.



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Dodd-Frank Financial Services bill pushed by Obama to destroy US Financial Services Industry

As reported today on Fox Business - Goldman Sachs and other major financial services firms are firing employees in the US and hiring in Singapore, India and Brazil, countries that are more business friendly.



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Chemtrails, no longer just an issue for those of us in tinfoil hats?

For those of us involved in the Patriot movement for more than 20 years this is a topic that has been adequately researched such that it demands Congressional action - for the younger it may be time to get educated.  Rep. Issa should put this issue at the top of their agenda. 



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Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government (CRAG) Need Tea Party Assistance



Jim Frey is dedicated to researching the Aurora - Gaylord Company tax incentive deal at DIA area.  If any Tea Party members are researchers and have time and interest - This is his message:


 Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 08:26:30 -0700

From: jfrye482@yahoo.com

Subject: 126 page giveaway...err..."incentive"

To: jfrye482@yahoo.com…


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Missouri River basin floods a purposeful event

The environmental whackos and their far left supporters are helping to destroy America - INTENTIONALLY!



And who would you expect is right there to benefit - can we say George Soros and friends?…


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Supreme's make another good decision on election law - 6/27/11

Supreme's vote 5-4 today to move elections closer to open and fair elections with less govt interference - "trying to level the playing field" - you all know what "leveling the playing field" gets us.



Monty C. McCurry

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Tea Party rally Kansas City.   Sept 28 - Oct 2.   Not in DC....this time in the heartland of America.

Check the map link on the website to see the  Tea Parties across the country already going.  The momentum is growing.

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Hillsdale College's First Principles on First Fridays

I received the following email (over a month ago, sorry for the delay) from Hillsdale College announcing its new webcast series: First Principles on First Fridays. I thought it might be worth sharing with all of you. I'm adding it to my calendar; if I can't catch the live streaming webcast, I know the calendar entry will remind me to go out and…


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TeaPartiers UNITE!

Wanted to share this column with all of you. A little encouragement from the conservative press/commentators.

Tea Partiers Unite! Nothing to Lose but Election, Savings, Job... John Ransom, 3June2011)

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