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Best Debt solution - Reform Congress? Congressional Reform Act 2011

Folks, they (whoever they are) say that "necessity is the mother of invention" - the time has arrived for this idea to blossom - this amendment would do more to resolve our debt problem and clean up the type and caliber of people we elect to Congress than anything else we might do. 



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The opportunities to reduce our debt without raising taxes are limitless! Look at Canada and Puerto Rico for the answer!

Folks, do you think it may be time to re-assess a number of departments in the federal govt - we are drowning in debt and borrowing money that we are either giving away or wasting.



We have the ATF and likely other agencies involved in selling guns to drug cartels who are selling drugs into this country and killing people on both sides of our border with Mexico.  Now Rep Darrell Issa's investigation is uncovering other federal…

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FED genius Bernanke tells Ron Paul "gold is not money" - I guess the Constitional definition of "legal tender" no longer applies

The supposed genius running the FED defies thousands of years of understanding stating GOLD is not money, and fiat currency is and QE1, QE2 and possibly QE3 is "not printing money" - wow, why do we allow the FED to continue without demanding the resignation of every Congressman and woman, and Senator who doesn't demand an immediate COMPLETE audit of the FED - because they don't want you to know what shenanigans have been going on making us all chattel over the past nearly 100…


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Washington Post Misreads the Story (Again)

I'm really pretty sick of the Fourth Estate, and their lack of integrity and assumed role as lapdog for any non-conservative administration. And, the Washington Post is THE worst of them all. But, they have an excuse: they exist in the echo-chamber of Washington DC, and merely spew back the blather they take in as "facts".

This week, a "sprawling coalition [whatever that equates to in real numbers] of Wall Street and Main Street business leaders" sent a little love note to Congress…


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A Call to Every Citizen - Letter to the Editor/Press Release Regarding Corrupt Leadership‏

Amen to that - kudos to Kim and Greg, I rarely see a post that I agree with 100%, this is one of them - this is a CALL TO ACTION folks - many of our legislators of both parties and the bureaucrats who create, support, and enforce the regulatory impediments to "freer market" competition have all "gone off the reservation" - time to rein them in or replace them.


"What did you give us Mr. Franklin?" - "A Republic ma'am, if you can keep it!" …


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Crony Capitalist's Cost to Society - "Getting used to life without food"

Folks, this is an excellent read sent to me by a very knowledgeable Patriot/investor and provides you great insight into major problems created within our society and those around the world by greed, crony capitalism, special interests and lthe legislation they manipulate to get favorable treatment.  Crony capitalists don't make their money in the market of "free enterprise", they make their money through backroom deals, payoffs and legislation created to favor them while…


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Obummer's nose is growing longer and longer and longer - If he's talking, he's lying!

As reported today on Rush Limbaugh, the "Fast and Furious" gun running program was funded to the tune of a total of $53.5mm by Obama's stimulus funds.  Of course Obummer and Atty Gen Holdup, they know no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.



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Larry Elder's Got TIME's Number

TIME Magazine: "We don't need no stinkin' Constitution", by Larry Elder


I like the way Larry Elder looks at things. I hope you enjoy this latest offering!

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Denver Voters to Vote on Sick Leave Ordinance in November 2011

Sick-leave Proposal Gets Signatures

When I first heard about this ballot initiative all the signatures (three times the required number) had been collected and were being submitted to the Denver County Clerk. Basically, the ordinance would require all businesses with 10 (ten) or more employees to provide all…


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It is time for a REVOLUTION of THOUGHT

The United States Isn't a Country

— It's a Corporation!
by Lisa Guliani



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