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Tea Party News List - Indiana Rep Andre Carson claims the Tea Party wants to lynch blacks‏



Do you suppose that Rep. Carson, the 2nd Muslim member of Congress, speaking to the Black Caucus in Florida a few days ago said that The Tea Party wants to see people (African-Americans) like him "hanging from trees" - do you suppose Rep Carson knows that blacks were lynched in the south decades ago by Democrats?  He clearly needs to have a Tea Party candidate running against him in 2012, this is a man who has NO BUSINESS being an elected…

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Estes Park Chapter Sponsors

Estes Park Tea Party Patriots sponsors their own website now at The big issue in Estes Park right now is expanding auto emissions testing.  Our local group has publicized the fact that a state staffer was urging local auto mechanics as "vested interests"  to testify in favor of emissions testing: … Continue

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The Tea Party Movement is NOT a Spectator Sport

I attended a townhall meeting scheduled by Congressman Mike Coffman today. When I learned of the townhalls he was running that were near me, I posted them on the events calendar for Colorado Tea Party Patriots. When I learned of the plan by to disrupt his townhall meetings, I raised the alarm through Colorado Tea Party Patriots, as well as through other liberty-minded groups with which I have a connection.

I prepared a LEGITIMATE question for Rep Coffman, and arrived an…


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Should Ballots only be English to save costs?

Check out Rep Coffmans proposal to amend the 1973 voting act.  I did some research to see how I stood on the issue.


Current law states that if a certain amount of people on the 2010 CENSUS can not comprehend English "very well" then everyone in that county must be given a dual language ballot.  The three catagories that are included in this treshold is, comprehend english, WELL, FAIR, or NONE AT ALL.  So someone that comprehends english "well" and "fair" we have to print all…


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The MSM, Part II (from my blog, - early May, 2011)

The MSM, that old time conglomerate of anti-conservative newspapers and TV networks, keeps implying that the Tea Party causes Republicans headaches, but it doesn't. I'm a Republican and I like The Tea Party - because it's honest. It's funny to see how members of the MSM don't get it!

Did you see that fun montage on TV, the one which revealed President Obama's favorite drinks? Most of the time, this kind of story starts with an over-the-top, abnormally jovial narrator,…


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When did the SEC become a branch of the EPA?

SEC Bears Down on Fracking

This alphabet soup of bureaucracy in DC is the best argument for Constitutionally limited government I can come up with. That, and the czar structure perfected by the current administration.

And, what happened to the promised reduction of regulations? Is this the part that wasn't revealed: we'll roll back some…


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From The Left to the Right

Please visit my blog at and become a follower.  Thanks in advance!

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Vail Daily letter by Dick Gustafson: Ready for real change

Here's another interesting letter by Dick Gustafson in Vail, CO:



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Vail Daily article by Cal Thomas: What made Reagan great

Another good article by Cal Thomas of Vail, CO:



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Vail Daily columnist Jack R. Van Ens: Compromise doesn't mean caving in

In response to this Colorado Progressive who recommends that the Tea Party learn to compromise:


I sent this Letter to the YourHub Editor – Arvada Edition: 

    I have a few questions for Jack Van Ens’ after reading his latest Your Voice column “Compromise isn’t caving in” where he criticizes the Tea Party and tells them to…


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Vail Daily article by Cal Thomas: Let's thank our tea party patriots

I like this article by Cal Thomas of Vail, CO:



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Vail Daily letter: Shrinking nation's spending

I like this article from Dick Gustafson of Vail, CO:



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Just Say No to a Rick Perry Presidential Candidacy

Rick Perry, for whatever he can claim credit for in his record in TX is NO CONSERVATIVE, formerly a member of the Al Gore team, former Democrat and as a…

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Judge Jim Rogen's new book "Catching Our Flag Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment"‏

Judge Jim Rogen, then one of the House Manager's executing the Impeachment of Bill Clinton shows with great detail the difficulties of…

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America's Downgrade

     The erosion of our country continued last week with the downgrade of America’s bond rating. Standard & Poors, an actual investment intelligence company, has changed their rating of U.S. credit as AA+ as opposed to AAA. The Obama administration, at the grand old age of 2 1/2, disagrees. S+P has been around a little longer. About 150 years more, so, they may be slightly more knowledgeable than the president’s men. Of course, you can read about it at:…


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Deck Stacked Against Grassroots Groups

Study shows who breaks campaign laws (Pueblo Chieftain)


My conservative talk show host "friend", Dennis Prager, has many adages which summarize his perspective on life. One of them is: "studies either prove what you already know through common sense, or they are wrong". The study mentioned in the article I linked to (above)…


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Come Join the Colorado Tea Party Patriots in Starting the Conversation to Save Our Nation

Folks, Join the Colorado Tea Party Patriots on Tuesday evening, August 30th, we will be joined by John Andrews, Director of the Centennial Institute and author of the new book - "Responsibility Reborn" - a Citizens' Guide to the Next Amercian Century.  John's book description and bio:




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The Future of Conservatism

The Tea Party movement has succeeded because it is grass roots, organic response to the dangerous flirtation our nation has had with big government and social engineering. Tea Party members are a diverse group that is not easily defined, but the uniting principals seem to be change oriented back to conservatism, free markets, personal and fiscal responsibility and smaller government.

I share these views, but I realize we cannot influence our culture unless we examine our motives of…


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"Super Congress" created in phony Debt Ceiling fiasco problematic

Folks, if Ron Paul is correct and we see happening what he is suggesting then we MUST either primary every representative and senator who supported this charade, recall them or make damn sure they don't get…

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