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More reasons to abolish ban on incandescent light bulbs - my Tea Party news list post

Folks, thanks to another newslister we have more critical information as to why we MUST abolish the law requiring CFL light bulbs - this information coming from an engineer - you know by now that TRUTH is not readily coming from our federal govt.


I say the law outlawing incandescent lights MUST be rescinded - LEDs are fine but extraordinarily expensive and the CFLs are toxic on multiple levels - your health, the environment and your pocketbook.

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Tonight - GBTV presents Islamic plans to implement Sharia in the US, a new Califate and the overthrow of the US govt

Folks, today on Glenn Beck's new GBTV will be a two-hour show on the meetings taking place in America - TODAY - calling for a new Califate, Sharia law being instituted into our Constitution and the overthrow of the US Govt - do you still think Obama is not a MUSLIM - this is SEDITION and TREASON, a Christian church or organization could not do any of this without being attacked by the US Govt.



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Facts on where the housing depression was created - Bill Clinton - "Home Wrecker"

Bill Clinton, Home Wrecker

Posted 09/23/2011 06:47 PM ET

Subprime Scandal: Bill Clinton has summoned the media to listen to his take on the never-ending financial crisis. But the man who is now portrayed as an oracle was in fact its chief architect.

In an interview for his annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York, the former president blamed the mortgage…


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I need a commitment for at least 100 melons - I will arrange to get there if members commit to that number of purchases

Why don’t we encourage our “T Party” friends and everyone we know…. to go to Rocky Ford in droves to pick and purchase melons to help these poor farmers have a successful season!!!!  Glenna



Rocky Ford farmers worry about fallout of listeria scare…


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Urgent Request-- Thursday Hearing in Estes Park

Tommorrow is decision day in Estes Park on auto emissions testing.  State staff has worked all summer to turn out supporters of more mandated government fees.  We need folks to support our Town Board and Larimer County Commissioners, who will oppose mandating emissions testing that will require a 70-mile round-trip for local residents.   

The hearing is at 12:30 pm in the Estes Park municipal building, Town Board room.  The public can comment.  For more info. on the state machinations…


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CO CD1 Needs a Bob Turner

GOP Win in NY Is 'Stunning Rebuke' to Obama, Newsmax, 14 Sept 2011

I have lived in Denver, more specifically, CO Congressional District 1, for 30 years. In that time, I have had only two congressional representative: Pat Schroeder and Diana DeGette. Just let me say I have felt under-represented my entire life in Denver, and leave it at…


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Judge orders Wash. state Longshoremen to halt illegal tactics

Union thugs take over the new grain terminal and destroy rail cars, grain and kidnap holding security force hostage - should all be in jail and no one charged with anything but trespassing - can you imagine the Tea Party doing something like this and getting this treatment.  Did I or did I not tell you earlier this week that the left and the unions would foment violence soon?



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Comment from John Andrews

What a compliment to know that people like you and Mark are reading & listening as I appeal for America to save itself - proud to be on the battlefield with you - JA
In a message dated 9/8/2011 11:26:11 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes:…

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John Andrews - How to Restore Responsibility

From my blog at:


The Tea Party represents "the hope of America," John Andrews, a Denver Post columnist, said at a recent event. In these days when the left represents the status quo (don't you dare modify Social Security and Medicare), and the right is for change (lower our taxes and stop spending), Andrews advocates a responsibility movement outside the two parties. "We need…


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A REAL JOBS PLAN - never to be seen under Obama

If you watch Obama’s Jobs Speech tonight think in this context!


If Obama and Congress is serious about creating jobs and stimulating the US economy this is what they would do.


  1. Pass a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment


  1. Dissolve the IRS


  1. Rescind the 16th Amendment



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A Patriot's Prayer

I had recently been listening to the news.  Discussions of the fall of the dollar and economic collapse were weighing on my mind.  I was also aware of the fragile nature of the society that we’ve come to depend upon as a means of support.  As many things were moving in and out of my mind at this particular time, I felt moved to say a special prayer. 


I prayed with gratitude.  I prayed for forgiveness.  I prayed for support.




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