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Fiscal Cliff looming, why not rally?

In less than a month this nation reaches the so-called "fiscal cliff" which will result in higher taxes for all Americans. It seems to me that with many Republicans saying that we should just give in and allow the Federal government to raise taxes and spend more borrowed money unaccountable to anyone or anything that the Tea Party ought to be organizing on a national scale; we should organize rallies all over the country to keep sending the message to Washington DC that we will not accept a…


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Nikki Kaveney Memorial tomorrow September 14th

MEMORIAL for Nikki Kaveney:

DATE/TIME: September 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM

LOCATION: Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church

                     1320 W Nevada Place, Denver, CO 80223



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We received sad news from Nikki Kaveney's family today. . .

Nikki Kaveney passed away last week. Concerned because Nikki had missed several days at work, her employer contacted daughter Jennifer Bishop in Colorado Springs. Jennifer's husband Doug has asked us to share the news and keep her and her loved ones in your prayers. Memorial plans are pending. Nikki was a member of Saint Rose of Lima parish. We will post arrangements as they finalize. May she rest in Peace.

Denise Denny 

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Time is short - We Can Have But One Objective and Must Be One Through Nov 6th.


Thomas Sowell quite eloquently captures the "essence" of what lies in front of us if we fail to pull together and remove Barack Obama from office in November.  Decades of largesse doled out to various and varied interests have rotted the foundation of this great nation, seducing this group or that into a position where they are now vulnerable to the rhetoric and favors being offered by the current "empty-suited con artist front man" for the Marxist / Communist interests…


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Ruminations on a Tea Party America

Just a general interest item that I thought you all might enjoy:

What a Tea Party America Would Be Like, John Hawkins, 3 August 2012

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Brigitte Gabriel, Leading Global Islamic Terrorism Expert Speaks Tonite July 26th!

Attention Denver Area Patriots - Brigitte Gabriel speaks tonite!

She is a leading global Islamic terrorism expert. Attempts recently to discredit the efforts of Michelle Bachmann and others who've called for due diligence in regard to the Muslim Brotherhood in America, ought to alarm…


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Difference Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

Once again, the Left has been permitted to control the jargon, and the Right lets them get away with it.

There is a difference between outsourcing (delegating some non-core corporate activity to a company for which the activity is core) and off-shoring (sending core activity jobs to non-domestic locations to take advantage of lower costs of doing business). The obvious difference is that outsourcing can keep jobs in America (although not necessarily so), and off-shoring by…


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An Inventory of Broken Promises

There are numerous articles being published analyzing the June 2012 Supreme Court decision on PPACA (Obamacare). Most of them focus either on how we were betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts, or are contorted arguments what good can be gleaned from the decision. I thought this item from Heritage took a slightly different tack, and would be useful to share with those who cling to the belief that PPACA is actually good for America. Essentially, it lays out the trail of broken promises that lead…


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We Will Have to Throw Off PPACA (Obamacare)

I hope none of you were counting on the Supreme Court to "save" us from the PPACA. I had a wish, but, upon reflection, was only disappointed, not surprised, that the Supreme Court forgot its responsibility to the Constitution above all else. Clarity is our friend, however, and we certainly should be clear on the fact that ALL branches of our federal government have been infected by the progressive virus. If nothing else, this decision should demonstrate clearly that our job is not…


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Demand support from our Senators for GMO labeling in the farm bill

Folks, one of the most important aspects of personal liberty is to have full disclosure and choice with regard to the food we eat - there are so many unknowns about GMO foods and so many things we know about them that are bad for human and animal consumption.  Call your Senators and tell them to support the GMO labeling amendment to the Farm Bill - you have the right to know what is in the food you purchase - the only reason Monsanto and multinational corporate interests don't want you to…


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The Coming Attack - Reichstag Event


I posted this information last week - but it is time for all liberty groups to be ON THE ALERT we are the groups this administration is going to attempt to foist the blame for any FALSE FLAG EVENT they can create (and as his numbers plummet the odds of such an event go up).  Any of you who were involved in the Patriot movement in the 1990s know exactly what I mean - Oklahoma City, Bill Clinton, all liberty groups were painted as…


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To Get Rid of Obama and His Ilk - Start at the Head of the Snake - Soros

Take the time to read this !!!!




Steve Kroft (born August 22, 1945) is an American journalist and a longtime correspondent for 60 Minutes. His investigative reporting has garnered him much acclaim,…


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Transparency In Federal Grants Signed into Law

Sen Lambert and Rep Gerou, sponsors of HB 12-1009 (Federal Funds Transparency Act) rightly tout the increase in reporting from state agencies which spend federal grant money. An added benefit will be to identify where the federal government has too much leverage in CO attached to these grants, and ween ourselves from them. Our charge as citizen watchdogs is to use this reporting to "assist" our legislators in identifying where we can get the federal government out of state affairs.…


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Why Tea Partiers are furious


Holy Crap Bill Whittle Is FURIOUS
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

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Colorado Republicans have adopted "a crush Agenda 21" Resolution #50!


Colorado Republicans have adopted "crush Agenda 21" Resolution #50!

April 17, 2012

This is a celebratory post regarding the adoption of Colorado Republican Resolution #50!

Thanks to all who voted for this Resolution!

Page | 11 Report on the Adoption of Colorado Republican Resolutions

#50. It is resolved that Colorado Republicans support the policy that no government entity should implement programs of, expend any sum for, be a member of,…


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Denver "Give Red Tape a Rest" Rally Protests EPA

Americans for Prosperity-Colorado on April 4 will hold a “Give Red Tape a Rest” rally to coincide with an Environmental Protection Agency-organized mining conference in Denver. AFP-CO believes the agency’s rogue regulators and biased scientists are destroying jobs, driving-up energy costs, crippling…


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A call to action - please read and contact your legislator regarding support for E-Verify

Ask Colo. State House Speaker, Other Reps. to Pass E-Verify Bill

This is a special message for NumbersUSA members in Colorado. 

Dear Colorado activist,

Unfortunately, the House Economic and Business Development Committee referred E-Verify legislation…

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Tom Tancredo - Our Choice - Impreachment or Dictatorship

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo makes the case for why the Congress needs to initiate "impeachment" proceedings on President Obama now.

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