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Say a prayer for our military men and women and those who have fallen


My lead flight  attendant came to me and said, "We have an H.R. On this flight."  (H.R. Stands for human remains.)

"Are they military?" I  asked.

'Yes', she…


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Does CO State Government lack Integrity?

Is our state government ethically- and integrity-challenged? To read a recent article in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, you would certainly think so.

State Earns D+, barely passing grade, in ethics, The Daily Sentinel, 18 March 2012

I am a little suspect, however, as Public Radio International is one member of the tribunal that sponsored the survey. The…


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Threat to Individual Liberty Not Addressed in HHS Mandate Flap

I am already weary of the Obama administration's propaganda machine (commonly referred to as the mainstream media) trying to spin the outrage expressed by the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) as some kind of anti-women attempt to keep anyone from getting contraceptive and abortifacient devices and medication. It is truly a challenge to religious liberty, and an attempt to squash the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. The usual obfuscation and misrepresentation is being employed to…


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Colorado Senate Republicans

While in session, the CO Senate Minority office (the Republicans right now) send out LOADS of information about what's up in the Capitol, and the bills being floated. Great way to keep tabs on the senators. (I suspect the Democrats do something similar - I'm not on that email list.)

If you don't already get these updates, go to the following site, and sign up for email updates, or follow them on Twitter or FaceBook.…


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Heritage Foundation's Take on Federal Budget 2012

I love these morning synopsis articles from Heritage. They help me stay informed with a good overview of the topic at hand, and then provide me the ability to dig further for more detail.

Today, on the day Congressman Ryan releases another proposal for the federal budget, Heritage makes their argument for what they call the NEW Flat Tax, and what they call their plan for "Saving the American Dream". Good read:…


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If you are a Tea Party Patriot you are a member of a hate group.

I have experience with the Southern Poverty Law Center - they are the biggest bunch of biggots, racists and scum-sucking lawyers in the country,  Now you know how I really feel.  Morris Dees being the worst amongst them.

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Hatewatch - "Patriot Groups Exploding"

Folks we went through this same "BS" in the mid-1990s when the Patriot movement was growing rapidly because of the Clinton administration. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the largest leftwing propaganda machines in the country.  Morris Dees is nothing short of a communist.  Obviously, the left is VERY concerned about the growth of the Tea Party and other liberty groups.  Let's keep them on the run and close the deal in November with a sweep. 



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How about those shovel ready jobs - Being built by Chinese Contractors and Chinese Labor

Our public sector unions demand to be paid double what the private sector is being paid and they won't even hire American private sector union contractors because the costs are too high, huh? 

Our school…


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SM12-003 Respect For Rights Of Conscience Act Of 2011

Please join us for this call to action opposing the HHS mandate…

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Derrick Bell - Obama's Harvard mentor - see his sci-fi movie "Cosmic Slop"

Watch the full version of Obama's Harvard mentor Derrick Bell's screenplay for the Sci-fi movie called "Cosmic Slop." Revealing insight into the philosophy Obama subscribed to and forced his students to read later as a professor at Harvard. Help vet Obama since the MSM will not, and make this video viral. …


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Chuck Green editorializes on Obama's sense of personal responsibility

 Sent by a friend, I think Chuck is serious as he has always been a pretty straight shooter in my view - and, he wouldn't have included the part about Scott Brown's election if it were meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
  Considering the level of lunacy prevasive in the Democrat mind, it is hard to tell if this is a serious expression of…

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Wikileaks reveals Democrat 2008 election crimes

See what the Dems got away with in 2008 as we had a "pathetic" excuse for a candidate (my opinion) in John McCain who again "walked across the aisle" to be with his Democrat friends and did the "My good friend" routine and never challenged Obama on anything - but for Sarah Palin I am guessing would have lost by double digits.  We can't allow voter fraud to cause us to lose this upcoming election in November.



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The Congressman renews call for Obama Impeachment -

Memo to Congress: Impeachment probe needed now!


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Half-truths told by progressive statists

In a recent Denver Post YourHub article, “Twisting half-truths into whole lies,” Jack Van Ens listed what he claimed were half-truths spread by conservatives.  From his leftist, big government perspective that favors statism at the expense of free markets, those so called half-truths would appear to be lies.  However, Van Ens shades the truth himself by failing to give a fair and balanced perspective of each item he delineates.  Van Ens also fails to include some of the half-truths spread by…


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Big Government Assaults Religious Liberty

    In a recent Denver Post YourHub article, “Rick Santorum is no Ronald Reagan,” Jack Van Ens compares former US Senator and presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, to the late president and finds that Reagan was a likeable fellow always willing to compromise while Santorum is a scold who is too unwilling to compromise on his conservative and Catholic beliefs.  Having worked for Ronald Reagan, I can agree that he had a sunny disposition and was a very good natured and likeable leader;…


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Rally for Rush


Folks, it is time to stop the statist marxists in their tracks -

Time to pull the plug on all of these flakey advertisers masquerading as patriots and put the hurt locker on their sales and contributing our dollars to…


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Blog Links

I just wanted to announce to everyone that:

My blog, "From the Left to the Right" - at -

- now contains links which point to 2 new blogs (for me) -

Gotta B Right  - at -  and…


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