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Debt Limit Vote Taken In House. The People 318 - Bigger Government 97 !

In the U.S. House of Representatives today the effort to raise the Debt Limit took a beating by the People! Both Republicans and Democrats voted against raising the Debt Limit. This can only be considered a victory by the people. We can only hope our voices have carried over to the U.S. Senate. If you have not called Mark Udall or Michael Bennet call them NOW and let them know you do not support a raise in the debt limit. We must live within our means the government needs to learn how.…


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Internship experience at Tea Party Patriots for Denver

Ashton Collins Internship Experience


Interning for the Tea Party Patriots, even for just ten days while General Assembly is out of session, has truly broadened my knowledge of lobbying and the state legislation process.  I came into this internship with a sound knowledge of the federal legislative system and a general idea of what lobbyists do during session.  Over the past ten days, I have come to learn what it means to truly lobby before, during, and after session. …


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The Art of Rhetoric - A Blog-based Seminar

I came across this series of blog posts that are (I think) an EXCELLENT self-paced mini-seminar on classical rhetoric, rhetorical technique, and clinic on speaking. Of these five components, I find MEMORY my weakest point.

I'm all about home-schooling when it comes to this type of self-improvement, and thought others may be interested in this as well. We certainly will have plenty of opportunities to practice in the coming months and years. So, if you would find this helpful, bookmark…


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Are our elected officals keeping their promises of Fiscal Responsiibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets

Here is a quick check on how our legislators are doing in this general assembly. We must always keep a watchful eye on them and they need to know that we are watching.

I have attached a matrix from the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC). This is an organization that like us focuses on the principles of Fiscal Responsibility,  Constitutional Limited Government and Free markets. Their research is very and we support their efforts.

The matrix shows the number of bills…


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Former Republican and Democrat State Chairs agree - Tea Party Patriots have it right

2 former party chairs deflect to Tea Party


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Rocky Mountain Republicans have determined that their fight is really not with Democrats at all; it’s with Colorado voters.

In Wisconsin, New Jersey, Indiana and Ohio — and even Washington, DC — Republicans prove themselves by standing up to powerful special interests and proposing (and even enacting) daring reforms. But there’s one spot on the map intent on keeping the old idea of an Insider Knows Best GOP alive and kicking.

In Colorado, leading Rocky Mountain Republicans have determined that their fight is really not with Democrats at all; it’s with Colorado voters. Republicans and Democrats in the…


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