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America's Downgrade

     The erosion of our country continued last week with the downgrade of America’s bond rating. Standard & Poors, an actual investment intelligence company, has changed their rating of U.S. credit as AA+ as opposed to AAA. The Obama administration, at the grand old age of 2 1/2, disagrees. S+P has been around a little longer. About 150 years more, so, they may be slightly more knowledgeable than the president’s men. Of course, you can read about it at:…


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CFR and the Tea Party

Walter Russell Mead is concerned about the Tea Party.  He is about seven rings out from the inner decision making works of the CFR.  In other words, he is a useful idiot.  I am happy that he is concerned.   The CFR has another deeper concern of the Tea Party that it refuses to mention.  That is the dedication to individual sovereignty.  Globalists and one-world government supporters know that individual sovereignty of the People and the sovereignty of each of our two government system is… Continue

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