Tea Party Patriots Denver and Broomfield Join to Combat Broomfield City Council Sustainability Plan

TPPD has received a call to arms to combat an over reach of the Broomfield City Council. Again we are faced with Government reaching further and further into our pockets and our lives all in the so called interest of mankind. But let us never forget that as we have laerned in the past that the ISSUE IS NEVER THE ISSUE! the issue is always POWER and CONTROL. please read the email and the attached files that we received from the Broomfield 9/12 and let's get behind this effort with emails and calls. Let's get all government back to WE THE PEOPLE.

Thank You

Mike Short

TPPD President/ Organizer

Office 303-996-8877


Hello Fellow Patriot
We are fighting the good fight, here in Broomfield, against ICLEI's take- over of our city through the newest version of the "Sustainability Plan" (http://www.iclei.org/index.php?id=about. As it stands right now, Broomfield City Council is expected to vote on this plan on Jan 25 at 6pm at One DesCombes Drive, Broomfield. Won't you help us defeat this international power grab and gross expansion of government. Please read the informative attachments and plan to attend the City Council meeting and voice your NO on this plan.
1. Attend the city council meeting and speak in opposition to the plan.
2. Draft a short opinion email about your dissatisfaction of this ICLEI plan in Broomfield  and send it to all the city council members, city manager and attorney (see contacts attached) (you may also simply cut and paste a short paragraph from the attachments that reflects your sentiments, change the wording as you see fit).
3. Pass this email along with the attachments to all your patriot friends and leaders so that they may also contact our city council. This WILL come to your city, so helping us helps weaken the strength that ICLEI has on all local governments around the state.
Thanks so much!


The above attachments were provided by our friend and conservative, Stacy Lynne!




Precinct Committee Person, Precinct 26



Francesca Subramanian

Board Member, Broomfield 912


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