Do you wake up every morning with a lump in your throat as once again realize the country you have loved for so long is being destroyed from within?   Don't you wish you could snap your fingers and this would all go away?  Are you so fearful for the future that you tend to try to stay occupied with other things?  Like sports?  Or TV?  Or eating?

Don't you feel terribly insulted that something that is not good enough for Obama or his family or Congress or their families or GE or their families or McDonalds or their families is good enough for you and your family?    When your child is sick, Obamacare is just fine.  When their kids are sick, Obamacare isn't good enough.   Think "Hunger Games" and you will see where this is heading.  If we let it.

Do you tense up a little when you enter a grocery store in that you know you will be having to side-step the land mines placed in the aisles by Big Agra and Big Pharma?  Your food is secretly being genetically modified and Monsanto doesn't want you to know it - they are fighting labelling of GMOs.  Then you really should stay "organic" but it's getting so expensive.   It's like there are now two classes of food.  Plus, you know you really shouldn't be eating the meat - too full of growth hormones and anti-biotics - it's so bad the Russians won't import it.  But eat up and enjoy --- and don't forget to take your BIg Pharma Prilosec so you can keep it down..  Over 70,000 chemicals from pesticides to flavor-enhancing and cancer causing ingredients are added to our food supply and we wonder why we don't feel all that great? 

They might as well use a paper-shredder on the Constitution and just gut it openly.  Maybe they could hold a celebration in front of the White House and just shred it.  Maybe Obama would actually place his hand over his heart for this event.   That's what they are doing behind closed doors.   Just ripping it away page by page, word by word.   

Do you see how the mass-media - the mainstream controlled media - do you see how they are controlling your life if you watch them?  They are experts at the game of "divide and conquer."  Gay vs. straight.  Black against white   Muslim against Christian.  Old against young.  Young against old.  The mainstream media, owned by a few billionaires, tells you we are in this financial mess because of "welfare moms."  Yes, there is way too much welfare.  They want you on the government payroll in that you are easier to control that way.   But the average welfare mom gets about $1500 a month or $18,000 a year.   The average CEO making a paltry 50 million dollars a year brings in over $137,800 A DAY!  And yes, it does come out of your pocket in the higher prices you pay for goods and services.  But stay focussed on those welfare moms so the CEOs can enjoy that new Swiss chalet in peace.

They've taken over our educational system as well.  Simply put, it's easier for a young person to do the wrong thing that it is for themto do the right thing - at least that's the way our society is heading.  

Do you look up in the sky on a beautiful Colorado day and watch those majestic deep blue skies be turned into a toxic milky chemical wasteland with chemtrails from one end of the horizon to the other?  Does it bother you that most people don't notice or, if they do, they think they are normal contrails?  Do you wonder what it is they are spraying and why? Wikipedia claims chemtrails are contrails and that anyone who doesn't believe that is a conspirac theorist - a nomenclature that is being media-morphed into "terrorist."   The chemtrails don't bother me as much as the fact that the government denies they exist.  

Everything is being federalized. I don't know about you, but I could go on and on and on and on here about everything that is wrong.  Lots of problems - lots of challenges. And we haven't even begun talking foreign "policy."  Or the New World Order.   Or vaccinations.   Or gun control.  

Enough of the problems.   We all pretty much know what the problems are or we wouldn't be on this page:

LET'S START TALKING SOLUTIONS!  Serious solutions that will work starting NOW!    Real, viable solutions that work within the system.  But our time is short.

Contact me through this website - let's get a small group - maybe 5-10 people together and listen to someone who has not only the capital but the ideals to get us out of this mess.   Think Noah.  

And the Ark.


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